Helen Constance
Helen Constance

The Helen Constance Pledge

Whether you are a bride or our valued partner, while you are in our care, we aim to provide you a positive experience that is guided by the following principles;

Creativity & Innovation - Helen Constance and team work tirelessly to bring you designs that are sensual, glamorous and contemporary. We believe our innovative designs and creativity form the cornerstone of our brand promise. We aim to bring you high quality designs and beautiful bridal dress styles that not only offers you variety but also helps you express your own individual style. We also aim to implement creativity to assist you in problem solving during your journey with us.

Transparency – Before, during, and after, your decision making journey. We aim to speak plainly and conduct your experience with us in a transparent manner. This helps manage expectations and illustrate responsibilities for all parties involved.

Integrity – Our actions with all stakeholders are guided by integrity and fairness. We aim to treat all our partners and brides, equally and conduct your experience with us with integrity.

Respect – Helen Constance and Team pledge to deliver valuable experiences that are respectful of your needs and wishes. Guided by respect, we aim to co-create positive outcomes that are mutually beneficial. 

Commitment – When you choose to work with Helen Constance, we are committed to deliver we promise, arriving at a positive outcome that will delight you and all stakeholders involved.